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Step-by-step guides to help you create a more professional podcast.

How To Start A Podcast: Overcoming “The Fear”

You want to start a podcast, but you don’t know “how”. You have a few podcasts that you dig, and hosting your own seems fun and cool (and it is).

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How To Start Your Own Podcast: Everything You Need To Know

You want to know to start your own podcast? First step: take a deep breath. You’re gonna love it, but, make no mistake–it takes work. Honestly, podcasting takes more planning than anything else. That’s why today I wanted to explain how to start your own podcast with a few simple steps.

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How To Produce A Podcast

The truth is, anyone can learn how to produce a podcast that sounds amazing. It just takes a little practice and experience. If you follow these 7 tips, you'll produce an amazing podcast.

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