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Why You Need An Accountability Team To Start Your Podcast Right!

Find a group of 5-10 people who will help you with this task. In order to successfully start a podcast and get it out, you will want to make sure you have an accountability team.

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Podcast Gear Budget Challenge

Podcast Gear Budget Challenge is on. Recording a podcast involves more than just an episode planner. You need to come up with ideas, get people’s schedules organized, and have a recording space available.

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RELEASE: Pioneering Software Empowers Emerging Podcasters, Revolutionizes Growing Industry

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 16, 2020 – President and creator Brad Nolan is happy to publicly announce the launch of Podcave, revolutionary podcasting management, and publishing platform.

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4 Things You Need To Do When Starting A Podcast

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a podcast. Here are 4 things you need to do when starting a podcast.

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4 Podcast Essentials Beginners Overlook

Podcast essentials are usually focused on gear, technology, and talent. It’s easy to overlook some of the vital steps in creating a podcast. Most people focus on the glory tasks of on-air talent, but there’s more to it than that. Yay!

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