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RELEASE: Pioneering Software Empowers Emerging Podcasters, Revolutionizes Growing Industry

Nikki Noble

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 16, 2020 – President and creator Brad Nolan is happy to publicly announce the launch of Podcave, revolutionary podcasting management, and publishing platform.

The genesis of Podcave starts with Mr. Nolan’s frustration with the creative stagnation in the radio world.  A 20 year veteran of the industry, he left to explore the new freedoms of the podcasting medium, forming a consultancy to help podcasters take their shows to the next level.  Brad Nolan, along with fellow founders John Michael and Nikki Noble, realized most talented clients had the same issues: podcasters simply do not have access to the tools they needed to thrive. Podcave was born: a single software for podcasters of all levels, an all-in-one solution able to combine every step necessary to produce a quality podcast in one program.

Podcave’s founding group is a collection of true experts. Brad Nolan, starting at just 12 years old, has created radio shows now heard in hundreds of cities and coached talent at the highest levels of radio broadcasting. John Michael has worked at some of the most influential radio stations in the US including KROQ, JACK-FM, and AMP Radio in Los Angeles. Nikki Noble has managed communities in the thousands, ran operations for major companies, and spearheads Podcave’s women in podcasting and social responsibility initiatives. These three, when combined, are exactly the right people to push the podcast industry forward.

Many creative people, celebrities, and the unknown alike have started their own podcasts. However, countless podcasters and those entering the industry misjudge the time and effort it takes to be consistent. Creating, producing, and maintaining a podcast can be daunting and overwhelming; especially when podcasters are forced to use various software for each step of the process. 

Brad Nolan and the Podcave team have pioneered a powerful and innovative SaaS technology that eases the process of starting a podcast while saving time and money for users. Podcave was built by veteran broadcasters to bring professional tools and structure to aspiring creatives. Content creators can control their workflow through one single platform. Instead of paying for and using multiple software to complete different tasks, Podcave’s powerful features eliminate many of the roadblocks podcasters experience when starting a podcast: 

  • Powerful, secure, and rock-solid audio hosting (powered in the background by industry powerhouse OmnyStudio). This includes IAB-certified analytics.
  • A complete episode planning suite including guest management, a segment planner, a music library (powered by radio imaging powerhouse Benztown), a trending topic/source finder, and the very cool -‘Record Assist’ focus mode for while you’re recording an episode.
  • A complete promotion engine including scheduling your social media, notifying guests of their episode release, email marketing, and of course, text/SMS marketing.
  • Web hosting: a stable and completely customizable (including custom domain) website powered by

See the features in this 60-second video.

Users have already been finding success with Podcave:

  • Amanda Ogen – a TV casting producer who was left out of work by the pandemic, doubled-down on her dream of starting her own show, and now has over 20 episodes released for her podcast, “How Did I Get This Far?” Ms. Ogen was able to handle all production herself using Podcave: “I was developing the show and its format, researching and recruiting guests, outlining my interview questions, recording, producing, hosting, editing, and promoting all at the same time.”
  • Peter Kaliner – a  seasoned radio broadcaster who made the jump to podcasting after dissatisfaction with the industry.  Podcave has enabled him to broadcast his show with quality and no interference from executives: “Here’s the best part for me — I own the content. It’s mine, and I can distribute it however I want to. And how I want to distribute it is on a podcast platform. I’m working with a company called Podcave… they understand what it takes to do something like this on the back-of-house services that a radio show requires.”

Industry insiders as well can already see the advantages of Podcave:

  • Sharon Taylor, Managing Director at Triton Digital: “We are pleased to have Omny Studio power the hosting within Podcave, enabling Podcave to provide its users with a fast, reliable, and secure CDN for all of their content management and distribution needs as part of their complete system for podcasters.”
  • Masa Patterson, VP Operations at Benztown: “With its comprehensive toolkit of features, Podcave is truly a podcaster’s best friend.  Benztown is proud to be a part of what they’ve put together by making high-quality production music available to their users.”
  • Tom, co-founder at “What a complete podcast solution. We are very excited to be part of this new way of looking at software for podcasters. No one else has combined every step of the workflow process into one application.”

Brad has instilled his passion for show creation and unlocking podcasters’ creativity into Podcave.  So much so, interested parties can book a video call with Brad, where he will walk you through Podcave and give guidance on your podcast! Podcave also offers a 30-day free trial.


Media Contact:

Joe Gonzales – Elkordy Global Strategies – 202.365.4411

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