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Podcast Gear Budget Challenge

Nikki Noble

You may be asking yourself, “How do I create a podcast on a budget”? Here are 3 Crews who Upgraded Their Podcast Recording Equipment

Podcast Gear Budget Challenge is on. Recording a podcast involves more than just an episode planner. You need to come up with ideas, get people’s schedules organized, and have a recording space available. Before your episode one podcast starts, everything should be ready. A vital step (and one that gets the most glory) is purchasing podcast recording equipment. Everyone has a different budget, so there’s no “one size fits all” gear. 

To illustrate this, we’re examining three crews looking to upgrade their podcast production gear with three different budgets. We’re getting them the best podcast recording equipment their limited money can buy.

Podcast Gear Budget Challenge for Duo Creating Group Podcast Format – $400 Budget

Karen and Debbie’s podcast idea features them both, whether recording together or remotely.

Using multiple hosts is a standard format. Producing a podcast with multiple people means everyone needs their own microphone and headphones. Blue Microphones has great podcast recording equipment bundles on Amazon.

For $140, you get a Blue Yeti USB condenser mic, Tascam studio headphones, and Knox pop filter. Add $10, and you get a Knox boom arm too. This leaves $100, which will pay podcast hosting sites costs of anywhere from $5-$100 a month. If you’re with us, it’s included in your subscription.

Podcast Host Starts Producing a Podcast – $200 Budget

Tim is a veteran host who’s always recording a podcast. He wants to learn more about the steps in creating a podcast to expand his career options. 

A podcasting vet already has a microphone and headphones. He knows the script format and doesn’t need ideas for a podcast. He wants podcast recording equipment specifically focused on podcast production.

Mackie is a trusted name in professional audio, and the 802VLZ4 is the perfect 8-channel, ultra-compact mixer at $200. It includes three boutique-quality onyx mic preamps and improved RF rejection for smooth voices from your episode one podcast on.

How Do I Create a Podcast from Scratch with $500?

Jon is new to podcasting and starting from scratch. He’s learning the podcast format and researching hosting sites. All he’s done so far is the name for his podcast.

Podcast production is free using Audacity for Windows or Mac. You can purchase a license for Adobe Audition CC to get a bit more power, but the learning curve is steep. Audacity is a very powerful app on its own and much easier to navigate for beginners.

The Rode NT-USB is a professional studio-quality vocal condenser mic. At $170, it includes a desk stand and Tascam studio headphones. A second microphone/headset will be necessary if you’re interviewing any guests.

Essential Podcast Services for All

Every podcast needs a host. In fact, there’s a slew of backend operations necessary for producing a podcast. Our app includes an episode planner, guest booking, fan engagement, trending topics, music library, website builder, and podcast hosting.

You’ll never run out of ideas for a podcast using our intuitive interface and industry-leading research tools. Podcave is the most important podcast project management software you’ll buy, bundling everything into an all-inclusive monthly price of only $69 (about a third of the cost if you had all these services individually).

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