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What Successful Podcasters Know: It’s Not All About Podcast Hosting

Brad Nolan

When you’re trying to grow a brand to the fullest, you owe it to yourself to create a podcast. 

New media is emerging, and people love podcasts and follow them religiously. A lot of people looking to create a podcast focus too much on podcast hosting, while forgetting all about the other key items and thought processes that come with the territory. 

We’ve got you covered with some podcasting tips that will help you make the most out of your brand. 

Read on to learn how to make a successful podcast on your terms. 

Podcast Hosting is Important — But it Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

For starters, you should definitely find a great podcast host, since this is foundational for whatever kind of podcast you’re creating. What makes a great podcast host? That depends on your needs.  

You’ll need to learn the art and science of podcasting, which is much bigger and far more important than podcast hosting alone. 

How to Make a Successful Podcast — Getting the Right Tools For the Job

It’s clear that podcasts can make big money — but it only happens when you build it correctly.

So what do you need to make a successful podcast? Here are the tools you’ll want to consider: 

1. Invest in an Episode Planner

The best podcasters are surgical when it comes to planning out episodes. Whether you record and post as you go or break your podcast down into seasons, knowing what you’re working on in advance is the best way to go about it.  Podcasts are planned, recorded, and distributed in a linear fashion. 

Having access to an episode planner to plan your episodes segment-by-segment helps you to stay ahead and record multiple episodes at a time so that you can release them as needed. Working this way lets you have some episodes in the can so that you are always ahead. 

An episode planner will keep you organized to make it happen. Our Episode Planning tool allows you to work on as many episodes as you’d like at the same time in an efficient, organized manner. Once you are finished with an episode, it will automatically be archived for future reference.

2. Research and Book Guests to Interview on Your Show

It’s important that you always have a nice slate of guests for your podcast. This creates lots of cross-promotional opportunities and keeps your podcast relevant and fresh. The right guest will not only contribute quality content, but will also help you grow your audience.

Take the time to branch out so that you’re refreshing the queue with new and different guests. You will be able to research unique topics and build a community that makes people want to keep the conversation going. Podcave’s Guest Booking tool makes it easy.

3. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Podcasts today have a listenership of more than 144 million Americans, and these numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. 

The way to get and keep listeners by mastering search engine optimization (SEO). When you learn the ropes of SEO, you will be able to keep your podcasts at the top of Google results and make sure that you are bringing in new and different listeners. 

This is essential for your branding and will help you keep getting your content out to the public in a way that suits you. It’s also a surefire marketing strategy that will bring new ears to your podcast. Best part, it’s free!

4. Content is King — so Start With Quality

It is clear that creating content is the way to brand yourself in this day and age. 

While analytics and metric have their place, your podcast lives and dies based on its quality. Always approach it to improve chemistry and provide excellent content. Make the effort to continuously improve your podcast and make it one that people will want to listen to on a regular basis. 

Stay consistent and trust that if you keep putting out amazing content, people will find it and support it. 

5. Email and Text Engagement Software

You also will want to engage your fans on a regular basis. 

Doing this will keep people coming back to your podcast episodes and will allow you to improve your marketing and branding. 

Most podcasters rely solely on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  As valuable as these platforms are, they limit visibility through the use of algorithms. Email and Text engagement is direct-to-fan. Having access to a quality email list, and embracing text marketing will be very useful and highly valuable to you moving forward. 

Developing active campaigns will keep your content on people’s minds and allow them to want to keep engaging you for the long haul. 

6. Include Great Music and Focus on Editing and Effects

Invest in a service that also allows you to make the podcast more listenable each and every day. The more you look into things like great music, transitions, effects and editing, the more enjoyable your podcast will be to listen to. 

Your podcast will improve little by little, and this sort of focus will serve as the icing on the cake. 

Be careful not to use unlicensed music illegally. There are lots of myths floating around about legal use of music in podcasts, and most of these myths can get you sued! Here are some tips on how to find legal music for your podcast.

7. Continuously Build Your Website

No matter what, your website will serve as the home base and hub for your podcast. This gives you the chance to keep people abreast of what you do and will make your podcast more findable in Google. 

Work with a skilled web developer and use themes that make your site easy to upgrade and revamp as needed. Try to use a podcast-specific theme that is designed to boost your searchability and provide a comfortable, easy-to-navigate user experience for your fans. 

Focus on constant improvements so that you are able to really make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Podcave subscriptions come with a beautifully branded website included in the subscription. 

It’s Bigger Than Podcast Hosting

These tips will show you how to make a successful podcast and why it’s bigger than just hosting. 

When you want to get the most out of your podcast, the points above will put you in a great position to succeed. Get the hosting that you need, but always make sure that you stay focused on the big picture. 

Check out the podcast tools that we offer and reach out to learn more about how it works and how you can take advantage of a free trial. 

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