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4 Things You Need To Do When Starting A Podcast

Nikki Noble

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a podcast. Here are 4 things you need to do when starting a podcast. 

1. Engage with your audience and ask them questions about your podcast along the way

Ask your friends and family for their opinion on the podcast cover art you are proposing to use. Ask your social media audience what topics they would like for you to cover in your podcast. Share with your fans the introduction music you intend to use for your podcast, and do not forget to ask for their feedback. Head over to for more support articles, and videos. 

Gif Credit Countdown to your podcast launch

2. Put out a countdown to your podcast launch

To help get people to notice your podcast before it comes out we encourage people to start a countdown on their social media accounts. For example, you could do a 10-day countdown and post gifs, or pictures with readable numbers. Your social media post descriptions need to explain that you have something you have been working really hard on and want to share with them. Consistency with your countdown posts is very important. People will notice that you have been posting about this every day for the duration of your countdown and will become interested in what you are planning. Your audience will be intrigued. 

3. Promote your podcast

Put out a teaser picture of your podcast equipment and ask your fans if anyone can guess what you are up to. Making the teaser picture(s) part of your countdown process will help grow your audience interaction. Do not forget that taking your time on this process, and working out any last-minute changes will also help with the anxiety of putting out your first episode. You are not the only podcaster to have feelings about starting a podcast. Remember having a supportive team behind you will make all the difference. We will be hearing you around. 

We can not emphasize this enough. Videotape everything. This is a huge ask. We here at Podcave understand that. You should at the very least start out using a live stream on Facebook, for example, each day during your countdown to keep people invested in what you are panning. Once you have launched your first episode you will want to make sure you keep up with live streaming what you are up to. You also will want to make sure you video your podcast interviews and process. Repurposing your content in multiple ways will set you apart from the rest. 

4. Plan a launch party

It may seem funny but seriously plan a launch party. Make an event on Facebook, invite your accountability team and other fans you have gained during this process. Invite them all out to a local meet-up to celebrate you successfully launching your podcast. Do not forget to pass the torch. Tell people about your process, and the 4 things you need to do when starting a podcast. If you need help or have questions please visit us at or join us on social media. 

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